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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all customer information that we obtain in the course of your use of the Shop.

【Customer information obtained by the Shop】

Information acquired when a customer purchases a product, etc.

  • Basic information such as customer's name, address, occupation, etc

  • Customer contact information such as telephone number and e-mail address.

  • Customer's bank account information, etc.

  • Other information related to the customer and the purchase of products by the customer.

Other information we collect when you use our Shop

  • Information related to your use of the Shop, such as the products you have purchased.

  • Information about your payment status on our Shop.

  • cookies, IP addresses, device type, mobile device identifier, browser type, browser language, referrer URL, platform type, number of page views, page view time, and date and time of activity on the Shop app or website when you use the Shop.

  • Other information related to your use of our Shop.

【Purpose of Use】

To provide services related to the Shop to customers, etc.

  • To confirm purchases of products, etc. made through the Shop.

  • To confirm billing and payment related to the Shop.

  • To provide other services related to the Shop to customers.

Advertising, Marketing, etc.

  • To distribute, display, or measure the effectiveness of the Shop's advertisements.

  • To implement other measures for advertising and marketing purposes.

Management and operation, etc.

  • To confirm the customer's use of services and registered information related to the Shop.

  • To check the status of customer compliance with the Terms of Use.

  • to deal with customers suspected or found to have violated the Terms of Use and to resolve any other problems that may arise in the operation of the Shop; and

  • To take other measures necessary to ensure the safe use of the Shop by customers and to maintain the quality of the Shop's services.

【Use of Cookies】

Use of Cookies
The Shop services may use cookies and similar technologies to improve convenience, analyze statistical data, and distribute, display, and measure the effectiveness of advertisements.

Cookies are text data that is stored on your device when you access the Shop's services.
You may, at your discretion, limit or reject the acceptance of cookies through your browser settings, etc. However, if you make such a choice, you may not be able to use the Shop services properly.

【Changes to the Privacy Policy and confirmation of the latest Privacy Policy】

The Shop will amend this Privacy Policy from time to time.

Customers are advised to check the latest version of this Privacy Policy before using the Shop's services.

If the Shop decides to change this Privacy Policy, the Shop will notify or inform customers of the changes, the content of the revised Privacy Policy, and the effective date of the changes. In the event that the Shop is required by law to obtain the consent of the customer to change this Privacy Policy, the Shop shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the customer's failure to consent to the change (or to cancel the registration if the customer uses the Shop after notification or dissemination of the change, or if the customer fails to cancel the registration within a period of time specified by the Shop). If a customer uses the Shop after notification or dissemination of such changes, or if the customer does not cancel his/her registration within a period of time specified by the Shop, the Shop will obtain the customer's consent to the changes to this Privacy Policy.) The Shop will obtain a copy of the revised Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy") from the customer.

【Information and inquiries concerning this store】

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, or if you wish to make a claim regarding this Privacy Policy or the Personal Information Protection Law, please contact us using the Shop's Contact Form.

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